What Account Type should I use When I Register ?

Cargo Supplier / Customer / Shipping Customer

You Only Supply Cargo to Transport Service Providers, You DO NOT Deliver Cargo , You use Someone Else to Deliver your Cargo.

You will only be able to add your own shipments and assign them to your Transport Service Provider, You will need to be linked to a Transport Service Provider to make use of iShiply.com

This Service is Free for Customers of Cargo Carriers using iShiply.com

You CAN NOT run a Transport Business using this account.


Cargo Carrier / Transport Service Provider / Transporter

You are a Broker/ Own Trucks/ Do Deliveries for Cargo Suppliers.

You can Add Shipments on behalf of your Customers, link to your customers, recieve Shipments from Your Customers and Assign them to your Drivers or Sub-Contractors/ Other Carriers.

This is a PAID Service

You CAN run a Transport Business using this account.


>>> Please Note: You will be able to login direct after registration, there is no activation email <<<